Spring Ponds of Wisconsin

An interactive map to help you find a new spring pond

Wisconsin is home to many amazing spring ponds, which can offer new and rewarding challenges to those who seek them out. This is by no means a complete list, and information is subject to change over time. Please leave a comment to request updates.

All green icons mark a spring pond that has been dredged by the DNR in the past. Click on the icon for more information, like year dredged, public access and acreage.

Public access can change over time, so always double check public access and current regulations before your trip.

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Credit for the data regarding the dredged spring ponds goes to Dave Seibel (WDNR).

More Resources

Another great resource is Christopher Deubler’s Trout Fishing Wisconsin Spring Ponds.

In Trout Fishing Wisconsin Spring Ponds, the angler will discover one of the most unique and fascinating native brook trout fisheries, the wild spring ponds of Wisconsin. As a result of over 20 years of researching, observing, and fly fishing Wisconsin spring ponds, the author will share with you an in-depth look at spring ponds, food sources available to spring pond trout, and the tackle, tactics, and techniques that have been proven to be effective for catching spring pond brookies. The angler will also find a diverse selection of spring ponds with detailed information which includes the acreage, the depth, observations, a look at the trout fishery, tactics, directions, and a map for each pond. Finally, a large listing of spring ponds from throughout the state will be presented for the angler to choose from.

– Publisher

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