Fall Cabin Fever Day Warm-up

This January would have been the 20th anniversary of Cabin Fever Day.  We regret to inform you that we will not be able to have an in-person event this year due to COVID-19.  It has been a popular winter event and was the only chapter fundraiser to support stream restoration and other important chapter work.

While we cannot replace the fellowship and learning opportunities, we are planning to pursue a virtual event this year with limited sweepstakes and auction, Fall Cabin Fever Day Warm-up, followed by a more extensive event this winter.  We think you will enjoy the opportunity for great prizes in supporting trout habitat and the sport of trout fishing.

Our virtual event will feature 2 sweepstakes and a few auction items.  See these great items below.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the event.  Since this is our first event, we would appreciate feedback on your experience.

When you select any of the links below it will take you to our site https://fvtu.tulocalevents.org/

If you don’t have an account with go.tulocalevents.org you can create one.

Our Auction Items are below.

Our Sweepstakes Items are below.

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