Cabin Fever Day 2023

Guest Speaker Line-up

Bill Sherer

We Tie It Fishing Specialties

A lifelong fly fisher, Bill Sherer is a World Line Class Record holder for Walleye, Muskie and several saltwater species on fly tackle and an internationally acclaimed fly tier. With over 6300 Muskies landed on the fly under his guidance, the Boulder Junction resident is a recognized authority on Muskie fly-fishing.  

Bill is a professional fly fishing instructor, Licensed Guide, and USCG Master, he is the owner and founder of the We Tie It Fly Shop in Boulder Junction, WI, a recognized favorite among fly fishers in northern Wisconsin for over a quarter of a century.

He is a former State Council Chairman of Wisconsin Trout Unlimited and a past member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Fly Fishers Great River Council. 

Four years ago, Bill launched his popular Pontoon Raft Company, “Northwoods Inflatables” which quickly became one of the top choices of fly anglers looking to access more remote waters with a top notch well designed and durable watercraft, custom designed for your needs. 

As a fly designer for the Pacific Fly Company, Bill’s innovative and highly successful files are sold in Fly Shops all around the globe.  Recently he has ventured into manufacturing the popular X-Treme Dubber, a top selling dubbing brush table another innovative design for making dubbing brushes for fly tying.

The abundance of clean water in the ‘Northwoods’ of Vilas County and the surrounding region holds many fish species, there are countless lakes, rivers, and streams in which to find them, fly fishing is not only appropriate for all species, but it is preferred by many people as the ultimate challenge in angling. There is nothing more satisfying to an angler as fooling a fish with a bit of fur and feathers fastened to a hook, especially if you made that fly yourself!

Bill can be reached at:


Bill Sherer’s We Tie It Fly Shop

5570 County Road M

Boulder Junction, WI 54512

Phone: 715-385-0171


Tim Landwehr

Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company


Tim Landwehr is the owner of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. in De Pere, Wisconsin. Tim has been a professional fly fishing guide for most of his adult life. He has guided some of the famous rivers of the West, but his warm water roots brought him back to his home state to open a fly shop and guide service. Tim and his crew of guides float the rivers of Northeast Wisconsin in western-style drift boats.

Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. was one of the first shops in the Midwest to incorporate this style of fishing on our Smallmouth Rivers.  Tim and his staff of guides collaborated on a book called Smallmouth Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics & Techniques.  This book showcases all the information that has been learned over thousands and thousands of guided trips on his warm water rivers.   Tim employs a team of full time River Smallmouth guides and still puts in countless days on the water himself. He has been featured in ESPN Outdoors, OLN, Fly Fisherman Magazine, Catch Magazine, Fly Fishing Film Tour, Badger Sportsman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Sporting Classics and has hosted the Midwest Sportsman television program. He and his guides were also featured in the Guides and Destinations edition of Gray’s Sporting Journal.


Craig Cook

Fall Line Outfitters


I created Fall Line Outfitters Co. in 2018 after serving a 20+ year military career. I truly embody the American Spirt and wanted to create a unique small outdoor outfitting brand. We provide apparel, gear, footwear, and equipment for enjoying the outdoors, from fly fishing to camping. Our brick-and-mortar store, located in historic downtown Stevens Point, evokes a throwback to when feeling a connection with a store, brand and owners was second nature. We pride ourselves on customer service, quality products and working hard to treat each person who walks through the door or purchases something online like family. We constantly try to be good stewards in our community by supporting local organizations such as law enforcement, fire, veteran organizations and the University Of Wisconsin Stevens Point (Fly Fishing Club) with in-store discounts and donations.

In addition to selling products in our shop and online, we provide instructional classes covering topics like fly tying and winter camping. We also provide guided fly-fishing trips with the best local guides.

Stevens Point is a great community to live and own a business. We can’t thank you all enough for the support. If you are ever in the area, we hope you will stop by and say hi, grab a cup of coffee and check out what we offer.

Kyle Zempel

Black Earth Angling Company


Kyle was introduced to the sport of fishing at a very young age by his grandfathers on the numerous lakes Northern Wisconsin. He was educated on Southwest Colorado’s rushing waters, having the unique opportunity to live on the Animas River for numerous summers.

Taking the unyielding passion developed in the Rockies, he returned to Packer Country to guide its diversified bodies of water. Kyle has become known for his guiding and photography on the water, which has appeared in The Flyfish Journal, The Drake, Eastern Fly Fishing,,, and

In 2013 Kyle Zempel founded Black Earth Angling Co. Living in Madison, WI and currently in between jobs Kyle, along with two of his best fishing buddies (Eric and Mark Pavlovich) decided it was time to leave the bustle of the city behind. Wanting to cut their commute time to spring creek mecca, the Driftless Region, they decided to venture into Madison’s outer limits. A lucky search on Craigslist pointed them towards The Black Earth Retreat; a country home in the rural hills of Black Earth, WI.

This move is widely agreed upon to have been the spark that started it all. Black Earth Angling Co. became the reality of dream and ambitions shared over cheap beers. Designed from the scribbles on bar napkins and a bit of young irresponsibility, BEAC was born.

Since its early formation Black Earth Angling Co. has grown into a full-time guiding operation servicing both cold and warm water fisheries, with a sprinkling of destination travel. While Mark and Eric have since moved on to fulfill other life dreams, Kyle remains at the reins taking BEAC into bigger and better seasons.

In a time where the American Dream seems further and further out of reach, Kyle’s journey to build BEAC successful and sustainable small business continues. With the help and support of an amazing team, BEAC moves forward in its voyage to strengthen the Madison area’s fly-fishing community and provide anglers of all abilities with a genuine, world-class experience.

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