Cabin Fever Day 2023

Guest Speaker Line-up

Bob Haase

Fly Selection and Presentation


Bob’s presentation will focus on fly selection covering both flies you tied and those purchased at a shop, modifying flies to create the illusion of motion, and ways to make your dry flies float better.

We often get in the habit of presenting our flies the same way and don’t make changes based on time of the year, weather conditions, and other factors. Sometimes we tie a new fly, or purchase a new fly pattern, and only present them one way. If we don’t catch fish on it, we might not try it again. Maybe it isn’t the fly, it is the way you presented it.

We all have our favorite go to patterns, our confidence flies, but can fish become conditioned to them. Would a different fly, similar to our confidence fly or modifying the fly make it fish better on certain waters. I will also talk a little on fly box organization. 

My goal is to get people to think about the flies they select and how they present them, and provide information to help them catch more fish when the fish are not active. There should be something for those just starting out, and those that may have fly fished most of their lives. 

If anyone has questions about fly design, modification, or fly tying, Bob will be at the fly tying table and available to answer questions or even  work one on one with to try and solve any fly tying problems someone might have.


Bob Haase has been tying flies for 65 years and is the author of a fly tying book.  Over that time he has picked up many fly tying tips and techniques that he wanted to share with others. In 2017, Bob published his fly tying book – “Bob’s Fly Tying Tips and Techniques”.  Many of these tips you will not see published anywhere else and should make your fly tying easier and more fun.

Besides being an active fly tier, Bob has been active in many clubs and organization related to fishing, hunting, and conservation. He is a representative on the Wisconsin Conservation Congress and serves on the Trout Study Committee. Bob also serves on the Wisconsin Fisheries Advisory Council and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Trout Advisory Team. He hosted a 30 minute weekly radio show called “Outdoor Thursdays” for 12 years on KFIZ radio in Fond du Lac, WI. Bob is also a member of Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Association and is currently serving as Vice President. Bob has coordinated a Youth Fly Tying program for Wisconsin Trout Unlimited and through this program over 2,500 kids tie their first fly every year.

Bob is a strong advocate for getting our youth involved in hunting, fishing, environmental projects, and learning about the great outdoors.

Tim Landwehr

Smallmouth: Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics, & Techniques


Tim Landwehr is the owner of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. in De Pere, Wisconsin. Tim has been a professional fly fishing guide for most of his adult life. He has guided some of the famous rivers of the West, but his warm water roots brought him back to his home state to open a fly shop and guide service. Tim and his crew of guides float the rivers of Northeast Wisconsin in western-style drift boats.

Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. was one of the first shops in the Midwest to incorporate this style of fishing on our Smallmouth Rivers.  Tim and his staff of guides collaborated on a book called Smallmouth Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics & Techniques.  This book showcases all the information that has been learned over thousands and thousands of guided trips on his warm water rivers.   Tim employs a team of full time River Smallmouth guides and still puts in countless days on the water himself. He has been featured in ESPN Outdoors, OLN, Fly Fisherman Magazine, Catch Magazine, Fly Fishing Film Tour, Badger Sportsman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Sporting Classics and has hosted the Midwest Sportsman television program. He and his guides were also featured in the Guides and Destinations edition of Gray’s Sporting Journal.

In his presentation Tim will dive deep into the details on targeting Smallmouth Bass on the fly.  Tim’s program uncorks many new ideas and techniques that are described in the book.  The presentation will provide a great overview on improving your catch rate by implementing a wide variety of methods, tactics, and techniques.  Tim has given this program all over the country and you are sure to learn some new tricks from his dynamic slideshow.  

Brad Petzke: Rivers North Guide Service

Fly Fishing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


Brad’s presentation will feature a brief description of fishing a season with Rivers North Guide Service in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Listen as he discusses the different options and diverse fisheries that are available across the U.P.. From Atlantic Salmon fishing on the mighty St. Mary’s River to wading a small spring creek for native Brook Trout, the Upper Peninsula offers the angler some unique opportunities. So many places to fish and only one lifetime to do it, let’s go fishing!


Pioneering different fly fishing techniques & guiding anglers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for 20 years, Capt. Brad Petzke of Rivers North Guide Service offers remote outings in Michigan’s most pristine wilderness. 

Brad offers his clients a very diverse variety of outings to choose from that are vastly different from what many Midwestern fly fisherman consider the norm.  Brad calls the Escanaba River, St. Mary’s and a lot of unmentionable U.P. jewels his home waters. 

From Atlantic Salmon, Native Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Wild Steelhead, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass and Pacific Salmon – the U.P. has something to offer all skill levels of fly fisherman.  Rivers North guide service has the reputation as the U.P.’s premier authority on first class guided fly fishing adventures in “God’s County”. 

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