About Fox Valley Trout Unlimited

Conserving, protecting and restoring our country’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds

Who We Are.

Fox Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

We are an active chapter of Trout Unlimited located in the Fox Valley southwest of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our membership of 200 members is actively engaged in Trout Unlimited National’s mission.


What We Do.

Trout Unlimited’s mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. TU accomplishes this mission on local, state and national levels with an extensive and dedicated volunteer network.


Chapter Organization

Our Chapter’s organization is not complicated.  Anyone interested in the activities of the Fox Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited may become a member and will also become a member of Trout Unlimited (National).

Four officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) serve for one year.The Board of Directors serve three year terms. All members are welcomed and encouraged to attend the board meetings. The president prepares the agenda for the board meetings. Members may request items be added to the board meeting agenda. By-laws recommend that committees be formed to manage activities. Our habitat improvements are designed and monitored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The WDNR welcomes comments and recommendations on habitat improvement

Position Name Term Expiration Number
President Nate Ratliff 2020 (920) 851-0502
Vice President Graeme Hodson 2020 (920) 750-9780
Secretary Dick Stielow 2020 (920) 722-2121
Treasurer Al Johnson 2020 (920) 450-2013
Board 1 Roger Genske 2020 (920) 729-9916
Board 2 Norm Christnacht 2020 (920) 419-3303
Board 3 John Barkmeier 2020 (920) 733-6535
Board 4 Jerome Herro 2020 (920) 815-7818
Board 5 Dan Geddes 2020 ((920) 738-0254
Board 6 Steve Heuser 2021 (920) 470-0836
Board 7 Don Clouthier 2021 (920) 851-0597
Board 8 Jeff Moreau 2021 (920) 740-5963
Board 9 Open 2021  
Board 10 Tony Pudlo 2021 (920) 427-3426
Board 11 Joe Bach 2022 (920) 570-2632
Board 12 Chris Firkus 2022 (920) 460-8206
Board 13 Open 2022  
Board 14 Tim DeHart 2022 (920) 731-2620
Past President Tom Lager 2020 (920) 540-9194
Cabin Fever Day John Barkmeier & Tony Pudlo
Executive Committee Nate Ratliff
Membership Committee Jen Folz
Youth Programs
Veterans Service Partnership Jeff Moreau
Finance & Fundraising Committee Al Johnson
Programs/Chapter Meetings Dan Geddes
Trout Talk Don Clouthier
Website Steve Heuser
Facebook Steve Heuser
Advocacy Tom Lager
Fishing Day for those with Disabilities Jerome Herro & Rich Erikson
Habitat Improvement Terry Ziegler
Trout in the Classroom Joe Bach
Stream Monitoring Joe Bach, Norm Christnacht, & Nate Ratliff
Scatter Plant of Trout Jerome Herro
Wisconsin TU CARES Tom Lager
Culinary Night Rich Erikson
April Angling Adventure Roger Genske

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