Do you know someone who wants to attend Wisconsin Trout Unlimited (WITU) Youth Fishing Camp this Summer?

If you know a family member, friend, neighbor, student, etc. aged 12-16, who wants to learn how to fish for freshwater trout and other species, Fox Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited (FVTU) has a great opportunity this summer.

Every summer WITU holds a Youth Fishing Camp at beautiful Pine Lake Camp located approximately 9 miles south of Waupaca, WI. The camp is first-come, first-served and caters to a maximum of 20 campers. FVTU is seeking to sponsor a camper and will cover the camp costs that include all lodging, meals, and materials (rods, reels, tackle – flies, spinners, & live bait).

This year’s camp is scheduled from August 15th to August 18th. Check-in is open on Thursday August 15th from 1pm – 3pm and pick-up is Sunday August 18th from 1pm – 1:30pm. A parent or guardian is required to provide transportation to and from the camp on Thursday and Sunday.  All campers will stay in the bunkhouse cabins where accommodations include amenities such as bedding and towels, etc. Campers will need to bring suitable clothing including a hat, jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant, and personal hygiene products. A liability release will be provided and must be signed by a parent or guardian. Waders are helpful but not required. Pine Lake also has a swimming area with lifeguard supervision, so you may want to pack a bathing suit as well.

The camp will focus on fishing safety, ethics and sportsmanship, and will help the campers develop necessary fishing skills using both conventional and fly-fishing tackle. Additionally, the program will emphasize Trout Unlimited’s mission to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds so future generations of children can enjoy healthy fisheries in their home waters. All campers will be assigned mentors to ensure every youth has someone they can go to in case of any questions or concerns while at camp.

Interested? The camp is open to both boys and girls and mentors are assigned accordingly. If you have interest in being FVTU’s camper and enjoying a wonderful experience this summer at Pine Lake Camp, please follow the links below where you will find a camp application form and a brochure detailing the camp activities.

2024 Youth Camp Application

2024 Youth Camp Brochure

I look forward to hearing from our 2024 Wisconsin TU Youth Camper….

Tony Pudlo

Fox Valley TU Chapter President

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