Update on our “Cabin Fever Day Warm Up” Event

Thanks to everyone who helped put this event together and to our friends across Wisconsin who participated and helped raise money for Fox Valley TU to improve trout habitat.

Congratulations to our sweepstakes winners.

Chris Collier of Green Bay won the TFO Rod/reel/line/staff and net package.  He is relatively new to this area and excited to be able to get out and use this equipment as he explores the waters of our state.

Jeff Goffard is the winner of the Costa Diego Sun Glasses.

Our auction items were well received and the winning bidders were very happy with their prizes.

We learned a lot from our first event which will make our larger event this winter even better.  Watch for details to be coming soon.  I am excited by the outpouring of support in the form of great donated items that we will have available for our upcoming auction.  We are looking for more.  Please consider contributing items we can use as prizes.  You can contact me with your donations.

John Barkmeier
Fox Valley TU Cabin Fever Day coordinator
Email: jrbarky@gmail.com
Cell: 920-716-0502

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