Our Chapter continues to be a vibrant organization due to the extraordinary service of many members.  Each year we want to recognize and thank some of these members by presenting them with a framed Bob White print.  The presentation took place at the FVTC Culinary Arts Dinner on February 2nd.  Congratulations to all. We do appreciate your excellent efforts.

The 2016 Stream Improvement Volunteer is Dick Stielow for his consistent participation in the Davies Creek habitat project and Stream Monitoring on the S. Branch of the Little Wolf and Peterson Cr.

2015-17 Cabin Fever Day Champion is Norm Christnacht for his leadership in planning our major fund raiser, including acquisition of great speakers, exhibitors and overall coordination making this an outstanding event for the past 3 years.

The 2016 Youth Fire-up Volunteer is Zach Klingseisen for his boundless enthusiasm in working habitat days, youth fly tying and inspiration of other youth to participate in sport and service.

The 2016 SpinFish Doctor is Dan Geddes who educated us with his expertise on catching trout and making his own spinners at Cabin Fever Day 2016 and a chapter meeting.

The 2016 Web Master is Brandon Schmalz who updated and redesigned our website.

The 2016 Graphic Design Champion is Tony Garvey who used his talent to implement new color graphics for our new color brochure depicting who we are and what we do.

The 2016 Long Service Member is Jim Hlaban who marks his 40th year as a FVTU member.  He has served as past president for many years as well as starting our stream monitoring, coordinating many habitat projects including the acquisition of land owner easements to name a few of his notable accomplishments.

The 2016 Midas Touch Award was presented to Al Johnson for his diligence in managing our treasury, carving out a budget that enables our chapter to donate 88% of our proceeds to fund habitat work and other community activities.

The 2016 Legislative Watchdog is Tom Lager for his keeping an eye on potentially harmful environmental legislative action and showing us how to communicate clear TU positions to our representatives. 

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