Fellow TU’ers, I know your passion for enjoying and protecting our trout fishing. We enjoy it as much as we can and we want to protect and share what we value. Doing so, is hard at times and we struggle to find ways to do it. There is a solution for this – It is training – learn how to voice and communicate our concerns in a way that makes a difference and protects and improves our cold water resources.

It is free and comes with a free buffet lunch too.

Training is sponsored the River Alliance and Trout Unlimited Central Region Chapters:

1:00 – 4:00pm (free lunch at noon) January 7, 2017 at the Fin & Feather in Winneconne WI

Details of training:

  • Why advocacy matters; how to be a successful advocate.
  • Best practices for calls, emails, letters and meetings with legislators on local and state level.
  • Issues briefing for Wisconsin: Groundwater, Aquaculture, land sales and other issues identified and on the Federal level: public lands and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Any questions contact Tom Lager tomkarinlager@gmail.com

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