This is a very simple fly to tie but can be very effective, especially used as a searching pattern. It is tied as a wet fly but is also effective fished like a streamer when cast quartering downstream and then swung and retrieved. It has proven extremely effective on brook trout but also makes a great fly for warm water species.

Modifying this fly is extremely easy which also helps to make it a good pattern. While ofte and Brown, you can easily change the body color and the Hackle. If you don’t have a Badger colored hackle, use a standard brown hackle or a grizzly hackle. Want the fly to fish lower in the water column just add some lead free wire to the hook shank.

  • Hook: Tiemco 5263/Mustad 9672 or equivalent.
  • Size: #6 – #12
  • Weight: Optional Lead Free Wire.
  • Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, Black.
  • Tail: Red Hackle Fibers.
  • Body: Black/Brown Chenille.
  • Hackle: Badger/Brown or Grizzly Palmered Over Body.

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