The “Wooly Bugger” is a very easy to tie fly and a great fly to start sharpening your skills when learning the art of fly tying; The first fly I ever tied was a “Wool Bugger” and I enjoy tying them as much today as I did then.

The possibilities are endless with this pattern; you can tie them weighted or un-weighted, large or small, chenille body or a dubbed body and all with countless color optiions for the tail, body & hackle. Other effective options for this pattern would include; Crystal Flash added to the tail or used as a Lateral line down the side of the fly.

  • Hook: Tiemco 5263 or equivalent
  • Size: #4-#10
  • Weight: (Optional) Bead Head/Lead Free Wire or a combination of both.
  • Thread: 6/0, Color of Choice
  • Tail: Marabou, Color of Choice
  • Body: #2 Chenille, Color of Choice
  • Hackle: Saddle Hackle Feather, Color of Choice.

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